The Book of Revelation simplified for you! Warnings end-times, or last days and signs of the times (Matthew 24).

Blessed are they that read, and those who hear the terms of this prophecy... (Rev 1:3)

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DIVISION ONE : John on the Island, Patmos

DIVISION TWO : The Seven Seal Judgements

DIVISION THREE : Israel & the Seven Trumpet Judgements

DIVISION FOUR : The Mark of the Beast (666)

DIVISION FIVE : The Seven Bowl or Vial Judgements

DIVISION SIX : Babylon has Fallen

DIVISION SEVEN : Victory & the New Jerusalem

PROTOCOL : A Technical Exposition




The COLOR CODE used throughout the Seven Divisions denotes the following








Revelation is the English rendition of the Greek word Apokalupto (Apocalypse) which can be variously translated unveiling, appearing, disclosure or manifestation. The scroll of Revelation is God’s ‘Final Word’ detailing the chronological, cataclysmic and catastrophic events scheduled to occur in the heavens and upon the earth – prior to the return of our beloved Saviour and subsequent close of this age. It is also God’s BLUEPRINT for the age to come.

The Revelation is a stand-alone prophetic word to the New Testament followers of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit the Revelation interprets itself. The Apocalypse is the culmination of every outstanding Old and New Testament prophecy.

It is imperative to grasp that the Revelation as revealed to John has compositely a threefold component:

  • What was applicable in John’s day.
  • What would occur in the distant future.
  • The future is real time! In other words, John is literally transported into the future and reports on what he either sees or hears as it unfolds. For example: In Revelation Chapter 13 the beast comes out of the sea, although John in the flesh is living around AD95/96 he is carried in spirit into the twenty-first century and sees the events as such. In addition, the unfolding drama of the Revelation outworks in THREE DIMENSIONS: The FIRST, God’s throne – the command post of the universe. The SECOND, the atmosphere – Satan’s operational area. The THIRD, upon the earth.

Countless numbers of Christians from ages past, and even into our present day have had a deep desire to understand the Revelation of Jesus Christ in obedience to His injunction of AD95/96: “BLESSED ARE THEY THAT READ, AND THOSE WHO HEAR THE TERMS OF THIS PROPHECY…”(Rev 1:3). So, why have most Christians not been blessed in the reading and hearing of this prophecy? If anything, many have become extremely confused – so much so, that apart from a perfunctory reference, most in the body of Christ keep well clear of this prophecy! The reasons given are many and varied. We know that our precious Lord would not lie to us. God is not a man that He should lie… (Num 23:1). Why ten the seeming contradiction? Something is radically wrong!


The Adversary (Satan) loathes all scripture – however, there are two books of the Bible that he especially dislikes: the book of GENESIS (Alpha) and the REVELATION (Omega); these are the most controversial out of the entire Bible! These two, more so than any of the other books have been ridiculed and vilified throughout the ages. His modus operandi has been to adopt the strategy of bringing these two books into disrepute within the minds of men and woman, with the specific aim of sowing the seeds of doubt.

As we are well and truly approaching the days of the Revelation – and the return of our beloved Saviour, we can and must expect the enemy to redouble his resolve to keep the minds of the believers veiled with regard to the understanding of the Revelation. However, the Word of God assures us: “…when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up His standard…” (Is 59:19).


Satan has viciously attacked the Revelation, because amongst other things it foretells of his ultimate defeat and being cast alive into the Lake of Fire. His primary area of attack has been with regard to the sequence of events. In our Bibles of today, portions of the Revelation are out of sequence (see diagram on page 71). Without the built-in cross checks and balances it would have been impossible to unscramble the deception.

Another area of confusion is the chapter and verse system. In our Bibles of today there are twenty-two chapters, whereas the original manuscripts were scrolls or parchments and very definitely had no chapters and verses. The chapters and verses were inserted by the catholics, cardinal Caro (AD 1236) and Robert Stephens (AD1551)*. Furthermore, the Revelation has its own built-in divisions. *Halley’s Bible Handbook.

An obvious question: Would beloved Abba allow Satan to tamper with His Word? We have only to refer to recent history to gain perspective apropos this question. In Europe, during the middle-ages Satan, through the agency of the Great Harlot, successfully suppressed the Word of God by ensuring that the Bible was only available in the Latin tongue.

The majority of ordinary men and women were illiterate in those days and were therefore unable to read the scriptures for themselves! The harlot took advantage of this situation and ensured the ignorance of the masses was perpetuated. The reason being, of necessity the masses would be dependent upon the Great Harlot for the interpretation of the Word of God; in so doing they would inexorably be tied to the harlot system from cradle to grave, so to speak.

Praise Father that the Lord Jesus promises He is going to judge this system! Rev 18:5 “…for her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her crimes” and in Rev 19:2 “…for true and just are His judgements! He has condemned the great prostitute who corrupted the earth by her adulteries. He has avenged on her the blood of His servants.” The Candle of Light (Gospel), had almost been extinguished throughout Europe during this period – ignorance and superstition were the order of the day! However, the Lord (through the Holy Spirit) brought about the Reformation, and the flame that almost died became an unstoppable inferno that swept across Europe and the world. Once again Satan’s evil purposes were thwarted by the Lord.


In the chapter and verse Bibles the following anomalies are extremely difficult to detect, owing to the necessity of having to turn from one page to another. However, in the scroll format the discrepancies come to the fore!

Chapter 1:3
These verses explain in detail the origin and line of communication of the Revelation: God to Jesus, Jesus to the Angel, the Angel to John, John to the Churches. The mighty angel referred to here is the selfsame angel of Chapter 10, Chapter 22:8 and Chapter 22:16. Prior to these chapters this mighty angel is mentioned only once and that is in Chapter 5:2. However, at that juncture (Chapter 1:1-2) he had not yet received the scroll from the Lord!

Chapter 1:4
Here John mentions the Seven Spirits, which are before the throne of God. In actuality, the first time John sees the Seven Spirits of God is in Chapter 4:5.


1st THREE LETTERS Chapter 2: 7
Chapter 2:11
Chapter 2:17
Chapter 2:26-29
Chapter 3: 5-6
Chapter 3:12-13
Chapter 3:21-22
These are the last verses in the letters addressed to the first three CHURCHES respectively. In each case the last verse tells of the reward for the overcomers. The second last verse is the Holy Spirit’s encouragement to the ‘CHURCHES’ (plural) and yet, each letter is addressed to the respective ‘CHURCH’ individually? Inexplicably in the first three letters these verses have been switched. The sequence followed in the last four letters appear to be the correct ones.

Further Anomalies
Chapter 8:13 – Most translations render ‘lone eagle’… this is not consistent with the angelic theme of the Revelation. Chapter 22:8 – Who is this Angel, the one John wished to worship, and where did he come from? The opening of the first six seals is sequential. However, between the sixth and the opening of the seventh seal there are activities taking place? Furthermore, these activities are preceded by two ‘AFTER THIS’ demarcations: Chapter 7:1 and Chapter 7:9 respectively? The scroll given to Jesus Christ cannot be opened until all the seals are sequentially dispensed with! Chapter 16:15 is in quotation marks (words of the Lord Jesus) and is completely out of context with verse 14 and 16 respectively. Random questionable verse number placements: Chapter 1:6 ; 19:18 ; 20:8 21:20 ; 22:2


From the outset it is important to understand that originally all biblical writings were recorded upon scrolls or parchments (small pieces of leather); in addition, these documents contained no chapter and verse. In order to assist our understanding of the prophetic scriptures it is perhaps helpful to view the documents in their original format – that is, in scroll form excluding chapter and verse. But, before we do this we need to know some facts relative to the structure of the scrolls of the Revelation…


There are THREE SCROLLS ultimately joined into one composite unit and dispatched by John to the seven churches and there are TWO TIME PERIODS. The FIRST, what is happening NOW, these events occurred on Patmos in John’s day (AD 95/96). The SECOND, what will transpire in the HEREAFTER, these occurrences are awaiting fulfilment.

Above are THREE SCROLLS ultimately joined into one composite unit and dispatched by John to the seven churches and there are TWO TIME PERIODS. The FIRST, what is happening NOW, these events occurred on Patmos in John’s day (AD 95/96). The SECOND, what will transpire in the HEREAFTER, these occurrences are awaiting fulfilment.


Furthermore, there are SIX PARTITIONS within the Revelation – they are identified by the prefix ‘AFTER THIS’ (Chapter 4:1, 7:1, 7:9, 15:5, 18:1, 19:1) which in turn demarcates naturally into SEVEN DIVISIONS, seven being the biblical representation of completion and or perfection (Gen 2:2). THE TWO TIME PERIODS AND THE SIX PARTITIONS ARE THE KEYS TO UNLOCKING THE ENIGMA OF THE REVELATION.

The technical explanation regarding the compilation of the SEVEN DIVISIONS is briefly expounded as follows: a. Taking the natural divisions (see accompanying diagram) as the points of reference or departure, and then diligently comparing the subject matter within each division together with identifying and separating the various activities: HEAVENLY, MID-HEAVENLY and EARTHLY; and b. After this, careful observation of the different characters (Father God, Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Angels, etc) together with their conversations and subsequent actions thereof; and ultimately the analysis as a whole through the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Illustrated in the diagram below is the CHRONOLOGICAL SEQUENCE of events. They are as follows: DIVISION ONE (things which ARE) and then DIVISION TWO THROUGH TO SEVEN (what will happen in the HEREAFTER or FUTURE).

From DIVISION THREE, the chronological events are recorded on the SMALL SCROLL which God gave to Jesus, who in turn gave it to His angel to give to John. it is imperative to catch sight of the fact that THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST IS THE SMALL SCROLL SEALED WITH SEVEN SEALS, and that the scroll cannot be viewed until the seals are opened! THE OPEN SMALL SCROLL (CONTENTS THEREIN) IS THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST. In other words, when world events line up with what is prophesied within the small open scroll there will be no further delays!






(Possible Geographical Areas within The Seven Divisions)


This project is the culmination of approximately eight years preparation, coupled with a further five years of scrolling. It cannot be over-emphasized, the ‘The Final Word…’ scroll-book which follows on from this introduction is not expositional. The scroll-book is the Revelation word-for-word as it appears in our Bibles – nothing added and nothing subtracted. However, as already elucidated, the sequence has been rectified and therefore the last book of the Bible can now be comprehended.


The Final Word Internet Ministry acknowledges that the published work, ‘The Final Word…’, is a foundational publication and therefore, must be accepted as such. The work, although foundational, must be viewed as open ended. In other words, further revelation at some juncture may necessitate changes to the original publication. However, this possibility in no way undermines the validity of the aforepublished work.

The published work has not been brought about through the collective efforts of eminent theologians – theologians groomed in the hallowed halls of academia. Rather, in direct contrast, the authors of this work were led by the Holy Spirit alone! They come directly from the school of hard-knocks, having experienced lives of brokenness; and ultimately … restoration in Christ Jesus and new beginnings. Therefore, they lay no claim to any intellectual achievements, whatsoever.

The authors seek no acknowledgements for themselves and hence the desire that their names do not appear. Instead, they thank beloved Abba, beloved Lord Jesus Christ, and the precious Holy Spirit for the privilege and rewarding challenge of producing the published work.

Compiled by: The Final Word Internet Ministry

Document may be copied and freely distributed as long as no charge is levied.


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