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Starting this blog as an exercise on 8th September 2017.  New to this so watch this space! THE FINAL The Final Word Internet Ministry started in 1999 as Apocalypse Foundation. Over the years it migrated to an Internet Ministry rather than a Foundation. ABOUT THE AUTHORs The published work has not been brought about through the collective efforts of eminent theologians – theologians groomed in the hallowed halls of academia.  Rather, and by direct contrast, the authors of this work were led by the Holy Spirit alone!  They come directly from the school of hard-knocks, having experienced lives of brokenness; and ultimately … restoration  in  Christ Jesus and new beginnings. Therefore, they lay no claim to any intellectual  achievements, whatsoever. The authors seek no  acknowledgements for themselves and hence the desire that their names do not appear  on  any publications. Instead, they thank Abba, Father, beloved Jesus Christ, and the precious Holy Spirit for the privilege and rewarding challenge of producing the published work.

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  1. Howdy Folks,

    With everything that is happening in the world in terms of natural disasters, it is advisable that in terms of end-time prophecy that things are not seen/taken out of context. Scripture confirms scripture.

    While these events overall confirm what is primarily written in Matthew 24, and that we are therefore closer to Christ’s than than in previous generations. However, it is necessary that we understand the details contained within the prophetic scripture in general. The detail is to be found in the ‘times & seasons’ component of prophecy. This is necessary so that we will not be deceived.

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